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Shop Noah Fine Art – Head over to Noah’s store to get your hands on a huge variety of art. From Mermaids to Star Wars™ and a ton more. We also have a line of clothing from The Kid in Me™.

Founder and creator Noah University. An online mentorship program helping individuals overhaul their career, their craft, and discover their calling. Noah U has helped hundreds with their journey.

ReImagine Conference co-created and founded by Noah to empower & equip entrepreneurs for impactful living. Surround yourself with like minded individuals living life on purpose. Nov. 17-19 2016

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An online video course helping creatives create, publish, & manufacture their prints. I will help you create content & build different tiers of pricing for collectors at different levels.

Noah is is creator of The Kid in Me™ which tells the adventures, hopes, and fears of the child within each one of us. Explore a variety of stories that will be sure to take you back to your childhood.

Noah’s newest book #FEARHUNTERS teaches you how to remove the fear and shame that stand between you and the life you are destined to live. Click below to preorder a copy today!

Leveraging creativity and storytelling, Noah Studios Inc. is a digital branding agency which produces short films, commercials, membership sites, digital marketing, branding, corporate identity & more.

Master’s Online – Co-Founded by Noah is a unique online platform to equip and empower Christian leaders to discover their unique God given talents to impact the world for the the Kingdom.

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About Noah

The story for this Orange Country native began humbly, selling art door to door as a teenager on a bicycle. At just 16, Noah was handing out business cards to create art, signs, and illustrations for local businesses.


Soon after high-school graduation, Noah received an airbrush from his family. He then embarked on a career of creating custom portraits on clothing and canvas. He would set up in local clubs and coffee shops to paint live for collectors in front of their eyes.


Corporate companies and celebrities started to notice his talent. Noah began producing paintings for Lexus Motorcars, Toyota, Levi Strauss, Nordstrom, CBS Television, Fox TV, and families in Dubai. Noah’s celebrity work started with Craig T Nelson and others such as Val Kilmer, Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, and Ted Danson.


Noah’s work elevated globally when he was featured on The Learning Channel’s show “Rides.” He created custom artwork on five award-winning vehicles for Alpine Electronics. Universal Studios sought Noah’s expertise in designing the Suki vehicle in “2 Fast 2 Furious.” His career elevated again when MTV commissioned Noah to create pieces for the hit TV show, “Rob and Big.” Noah painted the bottom of their pool and their horse trailer. MTV also featured Noah’s work on episodes of “Meet the Barkers” with Travis Barker, a friend and collector of Noah’s work. Noah formed relationships with such brands as Carey Hart of “Hart and Huntington,” who features his work in various tattoo shops. Noah became the official licensed artist for Arturo FuenteCigars as well as the French Cellar Imports who offer ten amazing Bordeaux wines from France.


An amazing day came when Noah partnered with The Walt Disney Company™ to create a line of “Noah” versions of the characters. Noah’s line has become a huge favorite among Disney collectors and fans worldwide. Noah’s works include character interpretation as well as product development such as one-of-a-kind Vinylmation™. His creations are featured on all Disney Cruise Line Ships, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL,and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.


Noah’s talents cover a wide range of applications such as art, art, where he has been nominated for “Makeup Artist of the Year” by NAHA. His projects include tattoos on recording artist “Pink” in one of her music videos. Noah’s art direction has been used in various ad campaigns for Lexus, Toyota, Disney, and Scion, as well as, branding for Metal Mulisha, and Famous Stars and Straps.


Noah spends his time creating lines of product for cruise ships, galleries, his clothing line, and private commissions for collectors. He also spends time designing and creating new works in his studio, and is President of Great Flood Publishing Inc. “I feel this gift that God gave me can be used to impact lives for God and further His kingdom. It’s not me who does the painting. I judge success not by status, power or prestige, but rather the lives impacted through the events, paintings, and relationships for His glory. It’s been a gift entrusted to me.” You can find Noah’s complete artwork collection at his exclusive gallery in Costa Mesa, California and all aspects of his work are available at


Noah is the author of “Speed Bumps: My Journey of using Life’s Challenges as Launching Pads” and has another book in the works. He also empowers other creatives; helping them harnesstheir unique gifts to impact and influence their world through Noah is the creator of “The Kid in Me” series, which tells life stories through the eyes of a child.

Instagram Feed

Special announcement! Today’s the day! Petrol Head Parenting Children's Book and Collection is available . . Do you or your child suffer from loving cars waaaay too much? Does the love of all things automotive run in your family history? If so, I have the cure! I have partnered with Ant Anstead @ant_anstead (host of Wheeler Dealers on Velocity), to create Petrol Head Parenting! The children’s book and accompanying art are NOW AVAILABLE! And this week only get 10% OFF with coupon code: PETROL. . This beautifully crafted collection is dedicated to those kids who just LOVE cars! It’s in their blood, they are simply born a "Petrol Head". . Being a "Petrol Head" is like an illness for which there is no cure! And there are parents all over the world that care for these "poorly" kids with no guidance on how to cater for them. . The book is the essential guide. . It places the parent in the role of the doctor first helping diagnose the patient. Once diagnoses is established it guides the parent through the essentials, including some basic engineering, some ideas of car focused activities, like road trips, and even tips on how to build a soap box! . This book boasts over 20 illustrations from The Kid in Me™. It’s colorful, fun and most of all a celebration of cars and how these amazing machines bring people together and create lasting memories and life long relationships! . An essential must read for any child that makes a car sound, builds a car, draws a car or looks longingly at that gleaming vehicle as it passes us by. . And now I have the artwork every Petrol Head needs in their garage! With various images and sizes there is something for everyone! . SHOP THE PETROL HEAD COLLECTION NOW! Click the [LINKIN BIO
[Why you need to be an original: Pixar and the power of your creativity] . Whenever an artist begins their journey they want to prove themselves by showing they can paint, play, or write a book. It usually starts with playing songs that we’ve known for years that have played on the radio. If you are a painter you’ll copy a master or popular pic to show your skills. We see it all the time in culture: Brands mimic and retell stories that have already been told. The new product is actually another product just slightly altered. I will admit for myself that creating original content is the biggest challenge in creativity. It takes more effort, digging, and self-searching of your heart to find the gold. . One of my passions is Pixar. They don’t take the easy route. Great technique is powerful. Good animation is important but original story trumps everything. Recently I saw the Good Dinosaur twelve minute extended trailer. It was the most beautiful Pixar movie I’ve seen yet. Well, maybe not as much as Ratatouille. That one is still the best. However, The Good Dinosaur holds original content. The film went through many stages of refinement to land on original, solid story. Inside Out as well as other Pixar films carry the same standard: Story must trump all else. . I have a passion for helping Creatives drill down on the hard stuff. You can’t build a house on sand. This goes for your films, your brand and your life. Your story is the most powerful asset in your life to be used to impact the world. The same goes for brands. Your story is the foundation for what everything else sits on. Build a great company and serve customers without a foundation of a solid identity and purpose and you’re sure to run out of steam soon. Your “why” and story is the bedrock. . To read more on how you can make sure you’re staying in originality and not becoming part of the status quo, click the [LINK IN BIO]


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