3 Ways to Trust and “Let Go” Like Luke Skywalker?


“Use the force Luke. Let go.” I’ve heard a lot of presidential speeches, sermons and leadership speeches. Important words from Obi Wan in Star Wars. I find it interesting in the fact that these words came when Luke was at his most vulnerable: He was living out his most important assignment and fulfilling his mission. Even more, he’s under fire from the enemy. This time doesn’t seem like the right time to “let go”. If you are a leader you’ll relate. The last thing you want to do is let go and trust at the crucial time. The world calls it weakness. I call it faith in action.

Here’s the cultural trap: I control my own destiny the outcomes and life is what “I make it”. That is a fast pass ticket to the hamster wheel of insanity. This is one of the greatest nuggets I wish someone would have told me. Yes I am to manage and steward the resources, time and talent God has given to me, but I’m not here to control it. There’s a big difference to managing vs. controlling. My relationship with God is that of director and producer: God is director of the show, I help make sure his vision and direction is carried out. However, I’ve put myself in his chair many times only to realize it’s none of my business to play his role.

Letting go and surrendering is actually gaining more than I could imagine

Letting go isn’t losing. It’s gaining. When I surrender I open up margin and capacity for God to pour into my life and move pieces around. The key is to keep myself available. Luke did let go. He made himself available to be used. He was more powerful and used strategically.

Believing/Letting Go is Faith in Action

It’s one thing for me to “know” this and another to “do” it. If I have this knowledge yet refuse to use it, then wisdom is missed from becoming a part of my life. The idea of knowing and having truth is to exercise it. When you believe, you act. When you act, it’s faith. Faith is showing trust.

I have seen leaders get to high stakes opportunities or circumstances get crazy and they either breakdown and retreat or they breakthrough. The breakthrough is the realization of truth: by letting go I’ll actually go beyond, reach higher and have impact in ways I never thought possible. Just believe and let go.

I’ve had the most incredible last couple weeks with God bringing incredible opportunities into my net. I’m beyond excited to share them with you and have you join me in them. However, I’ll tell you, it’s been nerve racking: high stakes, intense, risky and unknown. That’s a great indicator that you’re in the right place and not retreating. Lean into the wind and trust God’s in the wind, created it, and controls it all.

Believe, let go, and trust that what God can do for you is far greater than what you could conjure up for yourself. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. It’s not just “knowing” it in your heart, but your heart actually knowing from experiencing it.

When I shifted into this thinking I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I didn’t have to figure it all out. I could let go and watch God reveal the outcomes, opportunities, relationships and results. It’s seems and appears so counter intuitive, but seriously it changed my life. If you had a few months, I could unpack the countless ways he continues to leave his fingerprints all over my life. Actually, I’m preparing a way to share this with you. Stay tuned.

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