4 Steps to Make your Work more Fulfilling and Live your Dream


4 Steps to Make your Work more Fulfilling and Live your Dream

1. How to Define Passion– One of the greatest ways to measure a passion is what my mentor Bob Shank shared as finding things that “charge your batteries not drains them.” As an entrepreneur I started to write down what made me feel electric and excited and wake up early.
I then looked at the responsibilities in life that drained me and delegated it out. Even if you work for someone this can be done. Ask for weekly trial of trying new methods to get you in a position you love. Change requires uncomfortable action.

2. How to Measure your Life– I began measuring my life and it was liberating. When you measure your spending, measure how many hours you work and measure your time working it brings into focus the reality of how you are spending life. Are you living or are you working? Work is a part of our life not all of our life. For some it is 80% of our life and others, 15%. Yes it’s possible to work a few hours a week and make more than you did when you worked 60 hours a week. What would you do with 40 extra hours a week? Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you’re productive. Stay tuned for more info below.

3. Write your Tombstone– To some, this exercise feels morbid. To me it’s sobering. If you write how you want to end it’s great clarity into how we should live today. That said, is what you’re doing today what you dreamt about in high school? Are you making someone else a lot of money at your expense of time? Are your trading time for money?

4. Dream Big. WAY Big– There’s a saying, “If your dreams aren’t intimidating to you, they are most likely insulting to God.” I realized that I would often sabotage my dreams before they even got started because of fears. Then I quieted the fears and started to make dreams realities. We aren’t just talking about places to visit or things to have. I am talking about a lifestyle. A way of being and a way of doing life. If it isn’t radical and beyond what seems possible then it’s not big enough. I highly doubt we wished that our life would be a life trading hours for dollars and someone else holding the measuring stick for success. It’s time to break away from the pack of the status quo and fit work around life. Not life around work.

These 4 steps are just a small sample to my online mentorship of www.NoahUniversity.com helping individuals learn the art of intentional living and escaping the 9-5 grind. What if you worked as little as possible making the most revenue you’ve made while doing what you love the most? It is possible! Nothing is funner than building a business based on your story, building your own products and marketing that story to the world.

Question: Is your current situation and life structure draining your batteries or charging them? I’d love to hear. Please leave a comment below! I’m glad you’re here!

About the Drawing: When I started the company I had high hopes and dreamed big. I knew I didn’t fit the norm and school was tough. I never felt comfortable. I knew I wanted to do art for life but knew nothing about building a business or making a living. I just did what I loved. It’s amazing how it took root in people. Making people happy through my passion of creativity was and still is the essence. This drawing shows me in my favorite spot doing what I love to do with creativity. What’s funny is this is how it started and this is how it still is 27 years later. Living the dream of doing what I love to do and what I feel called to do. Now I want to show you and others how to do the same.