We have a limited amount amount. How will we spend it?

I run across people and they say that they don’t have the time to blog, to read, to exercise and to start that dream or hobby they’ve always wanted. They act as if I have more time than they do to produce. I have a marriage, raising two kids, running a company, writing a book, a blog, produce paintings, exercise and still have time to rest and have fun.

As human beings we keep creating ways to be more efficient and more productive. The goal is to streamline life to get the most out of it. Why? Because our time is limited. Yet one thing never has changed: the amount of hours in a day. My hope is to help get the precious hours to add up to something at the end of the year.

Here are 7 Steps to Saving Time I have used that have helped:

Watch Less TV: I figured after the kids go down to sleep I have 1.5-2 hours for free time. I can freely sketch a new idea or read a chapter or two of a book (I’m a slow reader). If you did this you’d gain around 8 hours a week. That’s 32 hours a month.

Trim the Fat of Non Productive Items: I use Evernote to keep my ideas down and to stay on track. I literally force myself to get the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time. I have so many projects I’m excited about that I need to give small doses to each.

Double Down on Tasks: Here is an example. I take my kids to swim class. It is usually when I get sketches and blog posts written. It’s a great time to focus. This again is something I believe in: stop waiting for the “perfect” environment to create in. Life is what you make it when it comes to just doing it. So, why they swim, I’m productive. If I want to read a book I can listen to it while running, driving and standing at the easel.

Go to Bed by 10pm: Why? Because it will make you a morning person. Studies have shown that morning people are more productive and accomplish more. Ever since I started this 13 years ago my life went into high gear. Think about it: Most creatives burn all nighter’s. I used to. It worked for about 10 years and I found it way more productive to start the day before the world. I am up at 5am to swim and have quiet time doing devotions and prayer among other things to get my head warmed up to the day and creativity.

Trim the Fat: I’m in a constant state of mental housecleaning: What can I cut out of life that is dead weight? What projects, what habits, what beliefs?

Keep a Schedule: if you fail to plan you plan to fail. I have a structure built in my Omnifocus and Evernote to keep me on track.

Only look at Emails in the Morning and in Afternoon: This is one of the hardest. Because of technology, people believe you are available all the time. Not so. You choose your availability. You can totally pick how you chaotic things are in communication. The wheels can come off quickly if you sit down to your computer with no time limit. You will burn hours just randomly looking at social media etc. I force to answer emails in morning, check them at lunch and answer quickly, or answer at end of day. I also turned off the email notification alert for new mail on my phone. My alert was going of every few seconds with all that is happening with the company.

Remember: you have the same amount of time I do and everyone else on the planet. Some choose to kick back and let life happen or you can be proactive in getting the most out of it.

What are some of the things you’d like to change, alter or are you seeing a pattern that can use fine tuning? Leave a comment below and sign up on the right side to receive the blog posts via email.

Thanks for being a part of the journey. Blessings, Noah.