Usually when I draw and sketch I use many forms of pencils. I can easily forget that it is getting dull while I am rendering something. Life is the same way: Unless we continue to sharpen the saw we become dull and ineffective. It is more deadly to become “comfortable” and not moving forward. In creativity I have found that sharpening the saw is essential to optimum performance. Here’s how..

Ways to sharpen the saw:

1. A Solid Friend– This is someone you can totally be transparent and truthful with. They can speak truth into your life. They will talk to you honestly about your blind spots.

2. A Solid Mentor-You need someone to look up to who’s been down the road ahead of you. Make sure they are routed and have a firm grasp. I look for mentors that are married for a long time, have God first in there life and have something I want. It’s hard to travel and embark on a journey if you’re only following your self.

3. Talk to your Spouse- I believe my wife was put into my life to expose the potential blind spots I don’t consider. We go out on date nights to be intentional and to talk about the marriage, our home etc.

4. Read- Leaders are readers and I’ve found that there are other leaders and individuals that have their story in a book that I can learn from. Very low cost to read a ton of wisdom. Gods word for me is the best because its shown me the clearest view of “what to do” and “what not to do” based on the knowledge and wisdom of other leaders.  One of my favorite books is Ecclesiastes. It’s the wisest and richest man who ever lived looking back on his life and explaining what truly matters.

5. Times of Solitude- I have found this as a key component of sharpening the saw. It’s easy to get on the hamster wheel of life and not stop to take measure or stock in what’s happening. It is actually fun to enjoy the fruits of your labor and rest. Lately its been s’mores and fire with the family in the back yard.

What are some of the ways you sharpen the saw in your life? Please share, tweet or post this blog with others. Thanks for being a part of the community and walking this journey together.

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