One of the biggest realities of being a creative entrepreneur is the fact that you’re a pioneer. The definition of a pioneer is a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area. It’s also said that they develop or are the first to use and apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.

But being a pioneer comes with a steep cost. That cost is leaving the comfort zone of the status quo. Exploring new areas means encountering new challenges, roadblocks, and discomforts.

But successful entrepreneurs push through. They stay curious, search for new ways to teach, and continue to look beyond the horizon. They embrace getting out of their comfort zone. They thrive when they leave the familiar.

Our culture is obsessed with the status quo. You will find no shortage of followers who do everything possible to keep things comfortable and predictable. The only problem—there isn’t much risk or growth, personally or in your career. If you are planning on pioneering new territories in business and relationships, then you can be sure of one thing: you will be in an unpredictable environment almost all of the time.

If you are cranky and surprised in your current circumstances, I would encourage you to evaluate your expectations. It should not surprise you that as an entrepreneur, you inhabit a hostile, unpredictable environment. You should not expect things to be all sunshine and green pastures. Risk and leaving the status quo has a price of admission—being uncomfortable. But as we all know, the upside is so good and worth it. You discover new ways, hidden value, new products, and new opportunities.

Tip: Today, you have the opportunity to pioneer and abandon the comfort of the status quo. Does that opportunity excite you or terrify you? Why? Write about it and talk about it with friends and family.

Action: Grab your journal. Ask yourself a couple of questions: If I could launch a dream and knew I wouldn’t fail, what would it be? How much of this year is the same as last year? Am I playing life safe trying to get things secure in money and possessions? Or am I following inspiration from God and my heart to play in the sandbox of my mind to build exciting dreams? If I asked my closest friends, would they say that I am playing life small or going big? Here’s two other big questions. Am I judging myself based on how many ideas and dreams I have? Am I hiding behind dreams and ideas by not actually launching anything? Am I a poser wearing the costume of “doer” but living inside of a terrified dreamer?

My friend, life is too short to blend in to the status quo. You were made for more. Don’t settle for anything less.

Have an amazing day!

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