Is your career bleeding and your dreams dying?


Is your career bleeding and your dreams dying? I’ve met more folks that stay trapped in a career they hate rather than live out their true passion because of money. They fear the loss of stability and financial security. They will even sacrifice their dreams and true self for sake of a dollar.

That’s why I created Noah University. To remind people that they hold the key in their own hand to freedom in creativity and living out their dream.

Most folks are resenting the career they have because it keeps them from living their dream. Therefore, they bow out of “trying” because they are haunted by “having to pay the bills.” If they were to stop what they are currently doing the world would fall apart.

More people are concerned with financial security than doing what they love. What if you could have both? Have your career and use it to underwrite your dreams?

Are you staying stuck in a career you hate for financial security rather than living your true self and dream? If so, Noah University is a platform filled with like-minded individuals like yourself excited to break out from the status quo.

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