Live it up now and coast your way to death?

Most of society teaches us this is the goal of life. Make as much money as you can now and retire…that’s the “plan” anyhow.

But what if one day life sneaks into your home and kicks that ‘chair of comfort’ right out from under you? What if one day you woke up and realized, you’ve bought all the toys, you’ve gone on all the vacations but for some reason, you feel dissatisfied with the life you’ve created and had been living for?

Maybe there was more.

What you do today will have a ripple effect on your “forever.”
The true goal is to make such an impact, that the wave of it continues on long after you’re gone. I don’t want to retire at 60. I want to be 80 still catching the wave I made at 40 knowing the ripples will continue to reach others in a huge and great way.

If you’re a creative like me, watch this video to hear how I live my today for my tomorrow…

Have a great day!