Debuting the First The Kid in Me™ Comic Strip “There’s a Lot to Say”


Today marks a momentous day for me as I have been working on the Kid in Me development since I was a child. When I was in High School, he was a surfer that roamed around the school halls as a surfer and had fun adventures. Today, The Kid in Me has become more than I have ever hoped. This series shares the dreams and imagination of the child we have in each one of us. He has even partnered with one of the greatest retailers of our time, Costco, as a part of their commissioned art collection. Its an incredible honor.

Nothing brings me more joy than creating Kid in Me paintings of people’s individual stories and bringing them to life. It all starts with the question, “What did you want to be when you grew up?” These adventures took on the form of castles in our bedroom, hot rods built from cardboard and using our pets as sidekick superheroes.

Today launches the first strip: Each of or lives is a story. I believe that each of our lives are a story that can be a solution for another persons challenge. This strip shows Lil’ Noah embarking on his storytelling journey with his trusted companion “Zap” who is his toy robot. Zap is his source of wisdom imparting messages of hope, love and strategies for Lil’ Noah to navigate life. As Zap says, “ The world is starving for authenticity and people that dare to share their true authentic self.” Life is an adventure. The stakes are high when we live our calling. We face criticism, doubt, self sabotage and fear. My hope, is that The Kid in Me may act as a reminder that being who we are created to be and living our calling is so worth it. The world needs it.