In a previous post, I drove home the point that we have very limited time in this life. You’ve probably also realized that life is a blink and years pass quicker as we grow older.

One of the disciplines I have witnessed in successful entrepreneurs is the ability to “buy time” through delegating. Delegation is difficult for most people because they listen to the lie that they will lose control if they let go and let someone else do the work for them. If an entrepreneur refuses to delegate, they run the risk of juggling too many plates. When too many plates are going at once, the entrepreneur feels very busy but isn’t actually producing results or gaining any ground.

You can create more time for yourself by having someone else handle the responsibilities facing you. Below, I have compiled a few lists to consider that can help you scale your abilities without losing quality or excellence in your execution.

First, the easiest way to tell if you should delegate a task or responsibility is this: simply ask yourself if someone else can do it. If the answer is yes, then you need to get out of that role ASAP. Just because you can do your own bookkeeping and clean your office doesn’t mean you “should.” You can buy that time back if you discharge those tasks to others.

Second, hire people who are smarter than you. This is something that a surprising amount of entrepreneurs avoid. They often feel threatened by hiring people who are smarter than them or better than them at certain tasks. But that’s the whole point! If you want to maintain the quality of your work, then you need to hire people who are as good or better than you are.

Third, if you can’t hire, then recruit an intern who is smarter than you. Begin paying them as you start to make revenue.

Fourth, when I hire, I make sure that I choose partners who don’t require being disciplined or constantly managed and who produce world-class results.

Successful creative entrepreneurs know that it is critical to leverage other people’s genius to raise the bar for everyone. If you as a leader want to grow to new heights, it requires lightening your load so you can focus on your own creativity to produce the greatest return and value.

Remember, if someone else can do what you’re doing, get out, and hire someone to do it.

Action: Make a list in your journal of the most time-sucking tasks and responsibilities that drain your batteries. Next, make a list of your responsibilities that are life-giving, that you would almost do for free because you love them so much. Now, how aggressive are you willing to get with yourself in delegating those tasks that take up too much of your time and wear you down?

Potential blind spot: If you delegate some responsibility and buyback four to six hours each day, the tendency will be to fill the newfound time with social media and miscellaneous fillers. But successful creatives fill that time with productive investments that yield greater results in half the time. You can now create incredible results in one-third of the time. Then, take the remaining time to do self-care and spend time building memories with your family and friends.

You won’t be on your deathbed wishing you’d spent another day at the office.

Have an amazing week!

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