Fear of Failure: Stop living life like you don’t have an eraser


Fear of Failure: Stop living life like you don’t have an eraser. When I was young and building my company I looked at my future thinking that it was going to be one momentous event that was going to turn things. I looked for the one thing, the one dream or the one niche. I came to learn that life doesn’t contain one tipping point.

I’d like to help you free and release yourself for the quest of figuring the exact “one dream” or thing that will solve it all. You don’t have to wear yourself out trying to launch the perfect dream, lifestyle or product.

I have found 3 things that stop and paralyze creatives from reaching their ideal life:

  1. They believe that the first thing they launch will be the only thing they are remembered for- Not true. When I started I was a kid who painted signs and drew anything I could. Then I painted portraits. Then I tried murals, cars, clothing and finally fine art. When I did fine art it was portraits, angels, mermaids, fairies, wines and cigars. If I was a creative that only painted one thing I would go crazy. I chose niche lifestyles to create for and tested 4-6 images in a series.
  2. Perfectionism- I use the analogy of a sketch artist that is an animator. Most people live their life like they don’t have an eraser. They believe they have one piece of paper and this first attempt has to be perfect and they can’t undo or erase anything. So untrue. The moment you realize you have a stack of sleuth paper, a ton of pencils and eraser it’s liberating. You are allowed to risk, try, fail and refine. The end result is a series off stakes that take the form of something magical. This concept is like thinking that you’re an artist that will paint one painting that will be your only one. The author that thinks he only has one perfect book to write. The musician thinking he has only one style he will ever play.
  3. Self Sabotage- The beginning of the journey starts with taking one step. Most people won’t run the race unless they know the prize and the outcome. Outcomes aren’t guaranteed but they sure can be refined to make success more probable

You have to accept, embrace and realize daily that your life is a process. A work in progress not a work in perfection. This set me free. That’s why I launch so many ideas. If I’m failing I know I’m on the right track.

Now, when I have an idea I make it a tangible experiment. I’ll make 4-6 images that are driven by a powerful story. Launch it to listen to my audience and refine as I go.

If you approach life thinking it has to be perfect then you will eventually suffer from the disease of analysis paralysis.

My life now is a series of tipping points that accumulate into snowballs of momentum. Life and career isn’t a one distinct tipping point. It’s many.  There’s a saying that God can only steer a moving ship. Get going into action and fail, succeed and refine. Your execution and discernment will grow wiser and you’ll hit the bulls eye more often.

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