Think you have a book idea that will make an impact?

What’s your filter for choosing your book idea? That can be paralyzing.

One of the greatest ways to grow your platform and business is in books. It changed my life. Thousands of books later, it’s helped me connect with my clients and shape our business to make an impact around the world. In this video, I’ll be sharing strategies on how you can grow your platform to make an impact and income through your writing.

However, you must know the five keys that make for a good book idea. Whether you are self-published or looking for a publishing deal, this will give you the confidence and clarity you need to pick your next book idea. Click the link below to learn from my friends who are experts with over 115 years of combined literary agent work and over 40 New York Times bestsellers to their name.

If you want to get wisdom that will transform your writing Watch this!!! It changed my life and career.


Have a great day!

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