Hey, it’s Noah,

I love receiving stories from my Noah U coaching students like David’s. It is a testimony that shows how getting a vision, creating a plan and putting the plan into action can produce life and business transformation.

“My mentorship with Noah gave me a vision and provided practical steps to take my art business to the next level. In the two years since, my fine art prices have tripled (and sales doubled), I’ve taken on larger clients and projects, finally last month my art business has allowed my wife quit her job to be a full-time mom to our four kids! (that’s the biggest blessing of all)” David M.- Fine Artist/Entrepreneur

There are three specific actions David took in his life to gain success and growth:

  1. David sought guidance and wisdom: As entrepreneurs, it is easy to be prideful and do it “our way”. David wanted to make more money, have clarity on the art he was creating, what series to paint and how to get art products printed and made. Even more, David wanted to host events that connect with his collectors. I have a saying, “If you’re following yourself you’re lost”. David made it a point to seek wisdom through my coaching mentorship in Noah U and discovered the strategies needed to get him where he wanted to go. The results? David gained more income, structure, peace of mind and balance with his family.
  2. He stayed committed to the assignment: During our sessions, David stopped looking at things as a hobby and adopted a posture of a professional artist. We crafted his series and how many images that would provide the income that he needed and he executed on that plan. Today, he continues to be committed to not only his craft but the commitment he made to himself. Consistency is one of the greatest keys to success and David exemplifies putting your heart into it.
  3. He stayed willing to fail forward: I will spend the rest of my life banging the drum that says “progress not perfection”. If we waited for things to be perfect we never will launch. David didn’t have it all come together in one night or one week. However, we crafted an event, placed a goal and got a tangible goals in sight. With each painting, each launch and each “ask” of his collectors he gains intel and insight into what people want. Each success and failure became drops in the bucket of growth and freedom.

So, here’s the deal, I’ve compiled a brand new FREE resource to help you on this journey of growing in your craft and business just like David…

I have created a brand new FREE Blueprint “How to Create, Print and Sell Your Art in 6 Steps”.

This is the exact framework I have used for the last twenty years that helped me handle one order per day to unlimited orders per day. This is the exact process that allowed my business to soar and provide residual recurring revenue each year.

Here is just a sample of what you will discover:

  • Not having to buy inventory
  • Not having to store inventory
  • Knowing what images to create
  • Which sizes you should print
  • Knowing which products to offer
  • What sort of profit margins you should be looking for
  • What to charge and why

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