How to Gain Work/Life Balance. I don’t know about you but I spend a great deal of my waking moments thinking of how I can live with intention and meaning. Life used to be about success for me and acquiring things. Thankfully my life was interrupted and I realized what matters most: Time, impact and relationships. It is paramount to me to be building memories with my wife and kids as well as those I love around me. It’s so easy for us to think that “providing” and being successful at work is the key to happiness. Money isn’t the answer to a meaningful life.

Recently I came across a wonderful illustration that personifies the meaning and enrichment of loving what you love to do while being able to provide your family great quality time and connection. Bill Watterson is a long time hero of mine with his Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Recently, Bill’s words were illustrated by a great artist Gavin Aung Than who also love’s Bill and his work. Gavin is a living example of what I call escaping the status quo to live his dream and passion with the time he has on earth.

This strip was executed beautifully and capture what really matters.

Kid’s grow up fast. So do we. We have to pause and realize what matters, what we make and how we spend our time to live with meaning and bear fruit in the relationships we have.

This way of living became so meaningful to me that I wanted to help other artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers get their lives structured to be effective on all areas. I spent 27 years building a life on success rather than a life of impact and significance. Visit: to learn more.

As you read the strip below please leave a comment and let me know how it makes you feel. Is what we are doing today going to matter in a week, month or year from now? What decisions have you made that provide you with more family time and relationship building? How have you leveraged your job or career for measurable impact?