How to Prevent Regret and a Life Built on Sand


When I embarked on my journey out of high school I followed what culture told me to do: Get a job, get a family and get a retirement. Then, accumulate as much as possible to coast your way to death.

I’m thankful I was rocked to my core by my mentors, to face the fact that this way of thinking is one of the biggest lies and empty living. I then dove into the beauty of permission, dreams and risk to think outside the box and to sit quiet enough to hear what God wanted with my life.


I wasn’t living my life according to how God designed and wired me. I was living a life of being a poser and doing what I thought would win me favor in the eyes of others and the world, which would equal “success”.

I then stopped, took inventory and dismantled the house of “self” to drill down to see what my foundation was built on. It was sand. A house and life built on sand. On the outside it looked “all together” and in place. However it was a house of cards.

I then told myself three important questions/statements on what it meant to live life “fully” and with purpose. I wanted a life of freedom and abundance to flourish. I don’t want to waste another day NOT doing what I was meant to do and called to do.

1. If you stay in your current position of life not living what you feel compelled and excited to do it can cost you more money, time and regret. Find out how you are wired and what your calling is.

2. The greatest risk isn’t mistakes but the risk of regrets for not living out your dream.

3. What if you find out that you actually can work less, make more and live out your dreams? If you know that it is possible and can happen then what is stopping you? Why do we settle for status quo and blend in with the rest when we can take hold of abundance? If the path your on is clear, you’re on the wrong path. Blaze your own trail!!

These ideas are what I implemented over the next 20 years of my life. It changed my relationship with God, my marriage, my children and relationships. I then embarked on breaking down this process and formed to help others gain the same freedom in their life and craft.

We can have a house of cards built in sand or we can have a life firmly rooted and built on solid bedrock. It would just take being more intentional and specific tools to lay that foundation.

The payoff? I life in the sweet spot: Working on the “right” stuff that produces results, less time on work, more time with family and relationships. A life built in significance not on success. The greatest successes in life cannot be seen or held in your hand.

“This is your life, are you who you wanna be?” – Switchfoot

This original Drawing of The Kid in Me “If You’re Going to Build, Build to Last” brought to mind not only what we build in life but “why” we build it. Here we see Lil’ Noah running his own business of helping others: His own sister. He’s created Castle Builders, which builds the best tree houses. This one happens to be for his sister who has an extra long braid!

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Matthew 7:24-27

Matthew 6:19-21