I recently was asked to speak at Walt Disney World International Festival of The Arts on the subject: “The Power of Storytelling”. Afterward, I was approached by numerous guests that were impacted and found the talk to be thought-provoking and encouraging. Some said they felt like they were given permission for the first time to be bold with their story. There were some people that felt, for the first time, that their story actually had value to help people.

Your story is your greatest asset.

Whether you work a corporate job, own a restaurant, are writing a children’s book or blogging each week, our personal story is the DNA to what makes our platforms and products so impactful in the lives around us. Do you think your story is too embarrassing or one you’d rather not tell? I’ve got some insight to help you take what’s happened to you and turn it into gold!

Your story possesses the solution to help with someone else’s problem or challenge.

Why don’t you share your true authentic self with others or through your business? What are you afraid of? There are numerous self-defenses that try to shut you down. I’ve got GREAT news for you…

In this video, I share the steps of how you can use the greatest asset of your story in marketing the brand of you. I also included the step by step blueprint that you can download for FREE to use in your daily approach. This is a game-changer on how you can leverage the good, bad and ugly of your life to be a solution for someone’s greatest need.

Have an amazing day!


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