I remember a time when I felt like I was looking at my life through a window. It was the life I wanted except I couldn’t touch it, grab hold of it or smell it.

Things were fine on the exterior. So I thought…

I had an amazing wife. Amazing kids. Thriving business doing what I loved. I was a believer in God and saved by grace.

Something was still off. I couldn’t shake it. It was this life I wanted but still wasn’t experiencing daily.

I realized my mental hard drive was corrupt. 90% of my thoughts were good. However the other 10% was robbing me of pure freedom and unlimited joy. I craved it.

I finally came to a brink. A crisis of change.

I realized that unless I dealt with what was going on, these thoughts, lies and fears would impair my living, my doing, my “being”.

I slowed my life and addressed where this was coming from. I found the root cause.

It was as if I was standing above a pit. A cave. A dark place. This place represented the recesses of my heart and soul. Unfinished business lied inside.

I could either retreat to the known comforts of this world and medicate to numb through a busy life, or…..drop into the pit to get the key to freedom.

This isn’t easy. The thought of being exposed kept me from jumping. The real me would be exposed to myself and the world. If it was easy, everyone would do it. However, life in the status quo wasn’t an option anymore. “Settling” wasn’t an option.

My Heavenly Father, my wife, my kids, companies and relationships deserved more.

As I began to lower myself into the journey of the unknown I took one last inventory:

“Would I rather live with failure wondering “what could have been” or live with regret?”

“What does God have in store for my calling if I get this mental trash out of my life?”

“How many people could I help if I just surrendered to the process?”

I took one last goodbye. I lowered myself into the darkness. You won’t believe what I found waiting for me…

More than I could ever imagine. A life of certainty. A life of freedom. The sweet spot.

This first journey proved to myself that “worst case” scenario and the nightmare wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. I wanted more freedom.

The visit to my nightmare wasn’t the last journey I took. Finding keys to freedom became a skill. A life strategy rooted in truth. It became a weapon.

I then began hunting these fears, thoughts, lies and shame that kept me from my true authentic self.

Have these thoughts ever gone through your head? Does this sound familiar?

Can you honestly say you are free?

What if you had a game plan, a strategy for ridding these mis-beliefs out of your head?

What would life look like for you if you were living without self-doubt, fear and lies ruling your decisions?

My freedom came at the cost of being intentional with my heart. It wasn’t a head issue. This was a soul issue and it bled into every area. It didn’t take but a few quiet moments to unpack the process.

I’d like to invite you into the process and conversation if you’d be willing to step out in faith.

If you like what you’re getting in life, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. If you don’t. It’s time for change. Change can be uncomfortable. We are not here to get more comfortable. We are here to get better.

Here’s the challenge: I just finished my book. It’s called #fearhunters. It’s the step by step strategy I learned to get freedom. I want you to be able to experience this joy and freedom.

Are you willing to make the small investment into yourself that will change how your life story finishes?

I just launched my book on a book rally site. My hope is that I can raise enough awareness and support to get this book produced and into the hands of people around the globe.

Here’s what I’m hoping you’ll consider:

1. Buy the book as an investment and gift to yourself.

2. Consider purchasing a case so you have gifts of freedom and hope to give to people you know for the Holidays.

3. Share the site link for the book fundraiser and watch the film. I’ve been a painter for over 30 years telling a story on a blank canvas. My first film has been put on the site. It’s my way to share stories in a compelling format that shows the process of #fearhunters. I hope you take the time to watch and share.

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What might the world look like if people were no longer listening to lies, agreeing with fears and buying into false identities? What might the world look like if we were free, living out our true selves in our calling in who we are destined to be!?

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