You ever feel like you’ve been given an amazing gift only to realize that you have to put it together first? The excitement of using the gift and free play becomes stifled the moment we realize we have to put it together. That is going to take some time, reading the directions and focus. The same goes for our life. I’m not talking about building rockets, princess castles and model airplanes. I’m talking about life. Do you ever feel like some areas are assembled and working and others are still in pieces? What if we could have help assembling our life?

As a kid I remember Christmas and Birthdays when I would receive a new toy or gadget. Often times they came with directions. I always took pride in seeing if I could get the thing together without the directions. No matter what, even if I got the item together I would have a few extra parts laying around. Most important, I soon realized that the directions were important but not as important as someone to help do it with you and even double check the directions and get you to the results of finishing quicker.

My mentor and I recently sat down to unpack this idea of life requiring assembly. What this really boils down to is mentorship and stewarding time, talent and money. I’m not talking life coaching. Coaching is for a season. Mentors are for life. We confirmed that our lives are more enriched, enhanced and profoundly strategic when we aren’t simply following ourself. If we want to get results in the gym we get a trainer and someone to educate us on food. Mentoring in life is the same way: Physical, spiritual, business and family. Oh, how we strive to get the balance of these and in harmony. The biggest desire I hear from entrepreneurs and up and coming leaders is, “How can I get the balance right?” If it wasn’t for the mentors in life I would be in a much different place than I am now. Even when I remember being in seasons of stress they helped shine a light on the path showing me a way to navigate safely into freedom. Mentors can spot hidden value, under maximized talents and potential blindspots.

Life requires assembly. I am convinced after years of working with my mentors and mentoring others that even though we have been given this life and time we have a responsibility to get it in order, put together and working in harmony. Figuring this life out and trying to make it work can be stressful if you’re doing it by yourself. Having someone on your team, ahead of you on the trail and in your corner is paramount. Do you have someone speaking into your life on a consistent basis that sets the pace, challenges you and is getting the results you want?

My main mentor and director of my life I don’t see on a regular basis but I hear from him throughout the day. He keeps heavenly office and communicates to me through his instruction manual and the mentors that help me assemble my time, talent and treasure. The source is based in truth, the strategies work and results are beyond measure. When you assemble a life on the foundation of basing your success on people’s hearts not money, your life goes into an entirely different measuring stick for success: Significance.

I want to challenge you to consider mentors in your life in the area of faith, family, career and culture. Our life requires some assembly. Who’s your co-pilot or co-laboror? Ecclesiastes 4:9

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.

I’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment below. Question: If you would spend a year learning strategies from myself and our community, what areas of your life do you feel need assembly the most? How could I help and what would you like to learn?

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This post is dedicated to Shank, Carder, and Talbert. Thanks for continuing to light the path.