Life Lesson #2 From The Kid in Me by Noah: “He With the Most Heart Wins!”


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Kid in Me™ by Noah. This is the second of the “Life Lesson’s” series. Here we see the young kid overcoming the competition to win the heart of his beauty by writing his message over his own heart.A simple act as this can remind us that we fall easily to buying or showing love with extravagant gifts but it is truly the heart that wins. Love conquers all. A little creativity, risk and the willingness to be a fool for love can in the end…!!

I love this story and thought it would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to send to someone. May your day be brightened and may we celebrate the love we have for one another. The kid in us yearns for the envelope, a card, and a note from those they love only to hear: “You matter, you are special and you are loved.”

May this simple but special message find a way into your heart that would urge you to share with others and pass along.

Thanks for your continued support and being a part of the journey.

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