Life Lesson #4 from The Kid in Me by Noah “Sometimes There’s a lot of “Doody” in Duty!”


Remember when you were a kid and wanted a pet? All you could think of was how great it would be to have a little shadow that you could cuddle and would follow you everywhere. This is all a great idea until we find ourselves standing with our parents “negotiating” how it will be: We sell the idea that we will feed, pick up after, bath and take care of the new family addition.

So, Mom and Dad agree, based on your commitment and signing your pact of caring for the little one that it can come home to live. Then comes reality. You find yourself basing the schedule of your day whether or not the sun dried your little friend’s droppings and if it would make your “duty” a little easier.

Well, what’s funny is that I lived this story. I remember going into the backyard to pick up the droppings my new little friend would leave. Dad would yell from the house, “get it done!”. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I felt as if I was in a lab of a highly confidential government operation; I did everything possible to keep from coming into contact with the alien specimen. I would get so grossed out and dry heave just from the thought of what I was doing.

In all, we sacrifice everything to have the precious little addition and family pet. It’s a part of our upbringing and the kid in all of us. These little precious additions to our life make a bigger impact we could ever ask for. Their silent voices speak volumes into our lives. The kid in all of us longs for the companion, the secret friend and sidekick to help conquer our battles and life adventures.

However, the price we pay is sometimes steep and messy!

Thanks for being a part of the journey!