Life Lesson I Learned on Autopia at Disneyland


Recently our family was at Disneyland for an evening of a couple rides and some time out. The kids are big enough now to finally drive their own car on Autopia. The look in their eye was priceless when I said, “You get to drive your own car”. That sentence might be one of the most empowering things you can say to a child. However, it was I who was in for a treat and one of the greatest reminders.

Autopia is a wonderful ride. The kids get to steer and power their own vehicle. The scenery is beautiful especially at night. Seriously one of the coolest looking rides as you travel over miniature bridges and streetlights. I road with my daughter Griffin and Noah road with Chantel ahead of us. Griffin was getting the hang of the gas as well as the governor on the speed. The biggest challenge was for her to steer in a way that didn’t hit the rail that the car rides on to keep everyone on track. It allows for steering around but not out of control. As Griffin tried to steer she would let off the gas and the car would go anywhere. I said, “Griff, you can’t steer a car that isn’t moving”. I sat on the ride almost silent as I thought about what I just said.

Griffin found confidence and realized the reality that she had a better chance of getting to drive if she kept on the power as she steered. The rail kept her in control and made a safe way for her to still drive without getting hit or going out of control.

In life I realize that God cannot steer my life if I’m not moving. The best way I can demonstrate my love for God and to trust in Him is through my faith in action. Stepping on the gas and moving forward in faith means being uncomfortable and taking risk. It is then that I can trust and know that He will direct my path, my course and outcome. So often I have lived the opposite: Convinced I own the road, can go anywhere I want and go as fast as I’d like. His way is far healthier for me, is tailor suited for me and is exactly what I need vs. what I want.

Life is about the journey not the destination. I sat with Griffin and wanted her to have the opportunity to enjoy the ride by getting the steering and gas figured out. It was most exciting to see her embrace keeping the steady gas to allow ease of steering. I thought, if this is how I feel about her, how much must my heavenly Father feel about me??

Have a blessed week and know you’re not alone on the journey. I’m glad you’re here.

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