Life Lessons from My iPhone


Recently I double clicked my home button on my iPhone and began to close all the apps running in the background. It literally enhanced the speed and performance of my phone. It got me to thinking about all the lingering responsibilities, tasks, to-do’s and projects that were taking up space in my head. After all, our head is the computer of our thoughts and decisions. A great deal can be going on all at once.  As a creative, I realized I can learn life lessons from my iPhone. I just have to be willing to cut them loose. The benefit? More margin to do what matters most. Performance and execution can be focused and better results.

My life is stacked heavily with responsibility and creativity. My days are filled with not only taking out the trash but also how to take an idea out of thin air and bring it to reality. That’s a lot going on “upstairs”. If you get a lot of these things going at the same time it can really slow things down and performance is taxed. Not only do I become irritated, frustrated and uneasy but creatively constipated. Basically too many ideas all going.

So, like my iPhone, I had to get tools to turn off all the ideas and thoughts in the background and work on what’s in front of me. The key was to find useful apps and ways to take every thought captive and have the peace of mind knowing it is captured and on the back burner or marinating leaving me free to focus. My next post will be highlighting my productivity apps and how I organized them. This post is to show the importance of making the decision to separate the background to the foreground. I looked at the app’s I was shutting down in the background and 90% of them were apps I don’t use for productivity. The app’s I “do” use would perform much better if I cleared the hindrances and items that are dragging me down. This also gives me an idea for a post for how we can be “hoarders in business and building a brand”.

Do you deal with the same challenges? What are some keys you have found? Leave a comment below and please share this blog with others. Thanks for checking in and please subscribe to receive my blog posts via email. Thanks!!