Life is tough!! Have you been let down by certain people in life? Are you having challenges with your career? Are you up against circumstances that seem too daunting that are robbing your joy? Are you constantly triggered and frustrated with politics and the state of the world?

Do you feel that you are constantly pushing water uphill trying to manage all aspects of your life and each day is a rinse and repeat of “getting by”? Where is the joy? Where is the happiness supposed to fit in?

I encounter people every day doing everything possible to get things smooth sailing; your career, your family, finances, and circumstances. The reality is that rogue waves of surprises are guaranteed. It isn’t a matter “if” conflict is going to happen; It’s a matter of “when”.

Will you constantly react as a victim being tossed around by the waves of life or would you like to have the ability to stand firm in the bedrock of your joy?

What is a bedrock of joy?

Here’s the deal, if you are basing your happiness on circumstances you are going to be let down. Happiness is based on “happenings”. If you are putting your trust and faith in what the world is offering, you are sure to be disappointed every day. People, places, and things will always come up short and will let you down. What if you could have hope, happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances?

What if you had a friend that wouldn’t betray you, wouldn’t leave you, and never let you down? What if you had one “constant” joy that never faded?

Today I’m providing you with a source of hope and joy that is never going to run out…

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