Punch Fear in the Face!


Recently I had a person at one of my events said, “Do you ever get any rest?” My response was, “Yes, a good eight hours!” She went on to explain how she couldn’t understand all the things I have going from spending time with the kids, going on date nights with Chantel, and building business. In addition, we travel from coast to coast doing events.

What most people don’t realize is that I am constantly in a state of building new dreams and ideas. We have our core businesses running but then I have initiatives like The Kid in Me™ animated episodes, new paintings, and new teaching videos to make. So, in order for me to write the script and create the art, it requires intentional discipline to carve out time to build new dreams. This is how it will be for the rest of my life. For me, it’s never done. I get so excited and fired up to stoke the fire of our brands with fresh content and new stories.

I’m not the only one in this thinking.

I was recently mentoring one of my Elite members who was crushing it in her corporate job but dying on the inside. She felt like her ideal life and dreams were like looking through a glass window of her cubicle. Passion is a powerful force. She would spend hours in her career with a passion that was overflowing inside her heart for her dream outside her job. This overflowing was a constant flow of dream unlaunched and the life she’s always wanted. This feeling can drive you to do the ridiculous acts in the hope that you will finally live the life you’ve been hoping for. It takes stepping into change and the unknown…

Through a couple of very important strategies via Skype, we worked on getting her to a point of restructuring her day job and how she spends her time at work. We then addressed the time between her job and her sleep.

This is when things got really interesting…

What used to be a woman at a job dreaming all day about “one day I will…” became a woman that was building her dreams in harmony with her career. She began to execute with a plan and intention which resulted in a five-figure extra income that is continuing to rise. Now she has become even more aggressive on time and leveraging the available hours of her day.

Here’s the best part: The reason she wanted this? To make an impact through giving. She didn’t want to just make more money. She wanted to become a professional giver. In short, the more she makes, the more she can give. The more she can give, the more impact on the causes she has the more purpose she has. This is her “why”.

What once was a woman who saw herself as a corporate ghost became a thriving entrepreneur living a portfolio life: Maximizing her career to finance and underwrite her dream in the hope of giving more.

She just went from being a company to build a cause. Even more, her customers understand she is on a mission.

Today I would like to help you create the most impact in the least amount of time while making the most revenue possible. This doesn’t just happen. It isn’t just luck. Success is planned and luck is for those that are prepared when the opportunity hits.

If you work for a company or someone else:

The greatest challenge in working for someone else is that you don’t have the time freedom to do whatever you want. However, what you do while in the cubicle or at the job is up to you in how you manage. The way I see it is that you are a company inside a company. Are you running the company the leanest and smartest way possible?

  1. There is one discipline you can implement immediately for instant results: Check your email twice daily. If you use your time on tasks that make you more revenue and get the tasks done that increase that revenue, you will spend less time managing communication. Only 20% of the email you check actually requires a response. If that is the case, why are we spending all day checking emails? Checking email isn’t a job. It’s a tool. The same goes for social media: If it isn’t producing you a dollar why are you spending your time and hours on something that doesn’t produce you a value? Reallocate these hours to producing projects and strategies that pay a return financially and with impact.
  2. The moment you have momentum and are crushing your quota and numbers, ask to work remotely one day per week from your boss. As long as you keep hitting your numbers and exceed them, ask for an additional day. Pretty soon, if you are over exceeding your results you can move to working remotely. You might come in one day per week. The ultimate goal: Turn your W-2 into a 1099. Now your company job has become your customer and you are a consultant. The motivation of these decisions is not based on the “amount of time spent”. They are based on “results”. If you can produce the same results in two days rather than five, why would you trade your time for dollars at a job that doesn’t have your heart in it? The reason most won’t ask for this is that they are afraid of being replaced or fired. The greatest mistake is not knowing “why” you want this. If you were to tell your boss. “I am looking to exceed my goals here in this career because I look to give my earnings to my charity causes. As long as I exceed the expectations in this position my desire would be to work at least two days a week from my home office. If I continue to exceed the goals, I would hope to work remotely three to four days a week”.
  3. Once there is a plan and structure to the career time and allocation of duties from 8-5 pm, the key is to become strategic with the time outside of a career. This is the time you’ve fought for. Don’t spend this time, invest this time.

If you work for yourself:

  1. Take your craft and hack yourself with deadlines that force quicker results. Too many entrepreneurs operate without deadlines. Imagine a CEO just wandering around doing whatever they want without structure. What would a day be like for the President if there wasn’t a start and stop time to their meetings?
  2. Deadlines increase your per hour rate and give you a raise.
  3. Base your worth off of what you produce and not how long it takes.
  4. Fight for your calendar and become a discipline ninja.
  5. Don’t squander your newly found free time on nothing. Chose ways to comfort yourself in healthy ways.
  6. Write a list of everything you do incredibly well that nobody else can do. Then look at what 20% gives you the 80% results. Do everything possible to work on the 20% of what you’re amazing at. THIS IS YOUR GENIUS. Once you dial in your genius you can focus on ringing that bell and that one only.
  7. Ask yourself constantly: Can someone else do what I am doing? If the answer is yes, get it delegated and hire someone. If the answer is no, it’s probably a part of your unique calling and genius. Remember, in the growth phase we sometimes need to wear many hats. The moment you have a little extra money you can hire someone or get interns that are free to help.

I know these questions and strategies are challenging. If you are willing to push yourself into some radical thinking you just might break through to a world of “awesome”.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Please leave a comment below and answer the question: What is keeping you from asking these questions or fighting for change in building your dream? Fighting for your dream life will require stepping into change. We can defeat our fears by punching them in the face.


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