How I Stopped Spinning My Wheels Going Nowhere


There was a time in my life where I was really, really busy but I wasn’t making money and I was spread really thin. I had to stop spinning my wheels going nowhere. It was like being hungry, alone and tired all at the time. Something had to give. Finally something did.

My thinking.

I’d love to help you free up your hard drive of beliefs and gain some margin. Meaning more time. It’s kind of hard to write a strategy and plan if you’re running on a treadmill.

I had a fear and misbelief that if I got off the treadmill that my life would fall apart. I thought that revenue would stop life would fall apart. That’s where I was wrong. Again, I had given the measuring stick to culture and society and stopped trusting God and those that spoke truth into my life. My version of “what’s best” had me fried at 35 yrs old with an amazing wife, two young kids and a career that was gasping for air. I was running on empty driving at 150 mph and no road map.

It wasn’t until I let go and asked the tough questions that it began to change and simplify. There are three things that truly matter

– My relationship with God: Depending on where you stand on this issue it can be frustrating not doing life with a firm foundation. I liken it to building an amazing house on sand. Or, fast food: Tastes great but no nurturance. It doesn’t last. Our decisions and actions are based on what we believe. If you believe you are a victim and won’t ever amount to anything your actions will show it. If you believe you have a dream but just think about it with no actual doing then you will arrive on the sidelines of life watching the game rather than being in it. My mornings are spent reaffirming my identity, my gratitude and my action plan of faith in action.

– My relationships with others: When we run life alone we are following ourselves. Pride and ego is a crazy disease that keeps a person as an island. In a previous post I spoke of the importance of mentors. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together”- Bob Shank. Those that have gone before me have helped me hit the bulls eye sooner, made revenue quicker and easier while saving me a grip of time.

– My willingness to let go and realize you’ll never have it together: Perfection isn’t reality. Progress is healthy. It seams that man has resorted to two main preoccupations. Gaining too much weight and too much email. There’s more to life than “getting through”. We are meant to thrive, live and get better with age.

These are just a few ideas I hope help with structuring your approach. Something I catch myself through the day slipping into self and getting off track. I use my Evernote account to log truths and write these to keep me accountable. An awesome gift is to impact others by sending a letter if encouragement and or hope through the day when you’re down.

What beliefs or lies have kept you from grasping progress towards your dream life?
I’d love to hear a comment below and please feel encouraged to repost this and send to a friend.

Have a great week!