The Benefits of a Mentor Presented by The Kid in Me


There’s a saying: “If you want to go fast in life go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This image from The Kid in Me™ reminds me of the importance of someone to follow. Little Griffin helps guide Lil’ Noah on the unknown journey to the fishing hole. Life can be overwhelming and feel unsafe but when we have a guide and leader it is easier to navigate. A guide can help not only avoid obstacles and failures but also a more direct path to success. The benefits of a mentor is priceless.

Our family has faced challenges on the journey with Lil’ Noah on the Autism spectrum but we have been guided by those that have gone before us. Words of wisdom, encouragement and hope have been spoken into our lives from those more seasoned. This drawing is dear to me as a memory we had of Little Griffin and Lil’ Noah on a fishing trip we had. Griffin helped show Noah the way to a special place to fish. Sometimes it’s our older siblings that help us feel safe and sure that the adventure ahead is ok to travel.

Mentorship is dear to my life. In a lot of cases it’s given me life and saved my life. The men that have poured into me helped guide and instruct me to be the best man of faith, husband and father I can be. As I grew older I felt called to pass this message to others. For 30 years I built my own company and business from the beginning selling door to door on a bike. It was the most challenging thing ever but thanks to my mentors, it grew. Mentorship impacted my life so much that I wanted to share the gift with others. I created, which helps individuals discover their story and mission, refine their marketing to the world and how to share the story with an audience. It basically helps individuals discover their sweet spot of making revenue at what they love to do most and living out their passion. This can happen even with a normal career. Whether you are in school or retired, Noah U is sure to refine your vision and add clarity to your life’s mission based on your unique gifting. I take my 30 years of successes and failure and hand you the playbook. is an online mentorship program with videos and posts for you to watch and read at your leisure. I’d love to walk this journey with you as you discover the best of you. There’s nothing better than saying, “I know who I am, exactly what I am supposed to do and how I am supposed to do it.” How can you use your God given gifts and passions to change the world?

“If you’re not following someone you’re following yourself.”

I am glad you’re here! How has mentoring affected your life? Who is that someone that has helped you a great deal?

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Have a blessed day!