One of the most asked questions when I meet with creatives is, “When did you make it?” The truth is I never have and never will. Here’s why: There is no guarantee that my job and years doing what in doing will provide any sort of security no matter how much money is in the bank. There is one thing that remains consistent and that is life is always inconsistent. Especially in my field of creativity and owning my own business.

However, there is an answer and there is good news that eclipses any worry, uncertainty and concern for the future.

If you are a leader, a creative, own your own business, are a dreamer, a creative fire starter than I have encouragement for you.

For years I would chase my tail of trying to get things stable, consistent and predictable. Basically it’s a false idol and facade because it doesn’t exist. Ill go one step further: It doesn’t even exist in the corporate world where you have a “job”. The economic climate over the last five years has proved no one is safe. My grandfather stayed at a job for 36 years with the same company. The reality is now the world operates on hipsters making the companies feel they are the lucky ones to have the hipster and that the hipster only expects to “stay” at the company 3 years tops.

I had to come to the reality that it is never going to be stable. Which is great!! At least I can now embrace the inconsistency, treat it as an adventure and make the “unknown” my friend. Most look at the blind corner and shriek. Leaders get excited.

I started my company at age 16 on a bike. No one picked me. As my mentor Seth Godin says, “I picked me”. I didn’t wait for someone else to pick me.

So, here’s my nugget. My peace and security isn’t earthly. Why? My CEO isn’t on earth. He is in heaven and operates in an eternal way. My work here doesn’t pay in earthly finances, securities and meaning. When you get this on your head you are free. Free from the “conditions” of the world. Not only that but it transforms the way you do things and create products.

Here’s a practical way this works for me: I create products I have no idea if they will sell, I have bills to pay, schools for my kids, food to put on the table and mouths to feed. Both in this country and others. However, I have NO guarantee if my products will sell and when the next event is. I have no idea the next opportunity.

Rather than focus on what I don’t know I renew my mind by concentrating on what I do know: My Heavenly Father knows EXACTLY what our needs are and cares more about them than I do. Even more, I try not to even think about this because I haven’t been put here to have my needs met. I’m here to love others and let them know how much they matter, discover the best in them and add fire. I ask God to provide favor on our family and business and ministry. I pray for him to work out the rest. He does. Every time. And he will continue to do it because I’m his son. However, there was a season I did it my way. It was quite a contrast.

For me to try to figure out “how” to get things secure is “insanity”. You’ll spend sleepless nights on a hamster wheel that will never be solved. I’ve seen millionaires miserable because of all they have to manage. Their earthly possessions own then. They don’t own their possessions. Life isn’t defined by what we have. True value, investment and rewards are all based on things that cannot be seen or held in the hand.

One of my favorite verses is from the book of Matthew: “Seek first my kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be added to you” Matthew 6:33

I take that seriously. In addition Paul has great insight into this matter 11Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. 12I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.Philippians 4:11-12

I hope this post encouraged you. This life isn’t about us. It’s about him and others. That’s all. That simple. If we concentrate in that. The “me” gets taken care of and flourishes without our own help.

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Have a blessed week!!