Talk about a rollercoaster of media, press and people’s emotions! The last 24 hours of social media and the media at large were littered with unrest and some straight up hate for both candidates.

Watching the election play out revealed a great deal to me: A lot of people in this country are living in fear, afraid of the unknown, what might happen and how it affects their life. This applies to whoever would win.

I then thought: “What can we do individually to make America what it should be?”

“What keeps us from being great as individuals?”

Staying trapped in analysis paralysis of “what might be” for our country will get you balled up in a corner sucking your thumb.

Making America what it should be starts with an individual campaign of our heart and approach to life. What we do daily puts drops of hope into the bucket of our communities to raise the tide of our nation as a whole. But it starts with you and I.

I can sit here saying what should be or I can do something about it.

But what stops us? Fear.

Fear tells us we can’t build our dreams, that we don’t have enough money, that people won’t buy it or it will take too long. Then, we second guess every decision because we don’t know if what we are doing is right. Some folks won’t even allow themselves to dream out of fear of failure. It’s a domino effect of thinking.

What if you trump’d your fears? What if you eliminated the lies, shame and fears that stand in the way of your true self and identity?

What life would you be living if you were fearless in choices and executing on these ideas and dreams? What would abundance and impact feel like for your marriage, your parenting, your relationships and career?

Having fears trump’d out of your life would allow you to make an impact and be freed up to become a part of the solution. What would that sort of life look like?

I’m in a campaign and I need your help. I have 7 days to rally support for my new book #Fearhunters. With your support, you’ll receive the book and the opportunity to get it to others in your life. This book is playbook of strategies to help people get free of fear and shame so they may live in their true identity and calling.

What would our world look like if each of us was activated into our unique calling? Fears keep us from discovering it and exposing it. What’s important to recognize is that we don’t know how to get rid of it or even what we would do if we discovered our calling. #Fearhunters provides the roadmap and game plan.

What I am proposing is that you might, for the first time, get a glimpse into your purpose.

Purpose is what will get you out of bed and looking forward to Mondays. When was the last time you felt excited about life, hopeful and at peace with the plan of your time, money and talent?

This happens when you trump your fears.

I need your help on this campaign. I want to finish strong. I want to help people get free. I want to see change in our world but it starts with us individually.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Click the link to visit the site to purchase the book.
  2. Share this post with a friend and on your social media channels.
  3. Buy the book as gifts for friends this Christmas.

I have just 7 days to hit this target. I’m so grateful for those of you that have already supported the campaign.

I’m in your corner. I want you to win in life. It starts with getting free of the fears that keep us from our true identity and dreams.

Thanks for being here.

John 16:33