Noah Elias - Servant, Husband, Father & Creative

Believer. Husband. Father. Artist. Mentor. From selling art door to door on a bike at 16 to creating art for clients such as Universal Pictures, Lucasfilm & Disney. I love helping creatives build a life of impact.

My Course Catalog


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FINALLY, You Can Take the Proven Path to Profiting from Your Creative Work
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You will learn...

  • Crafting Your Vision: The vision and strategy for your business comes first. You have to know where you’re going to chart a path to profit and scalability.
  • Creating Your assets: Assets are the key to your success. They require time and energy to build, but they can yield exponential returns.
  • Developing Your Platform: Your platform is the foundation upon which your business will run. It offers you traction, automation, and the chance to scale.
  • Forming Your Strategy: Your go-to market strategy is absolutely critical to your results. Instead of launching your platform into a void, you can hit the ground running.
  • Building Your Audience: As you continue to follow your vision, create and promote assets, bolster your platform, and improve your marketing, you’ll be able to build your audience so that your profit, influence, and impact will continue to grow.
Scaling your brand and products: The Art of Publishing
Most artists and creatives invest their precious time creating one asset at a time. I am going to share my pricing structures, product tiers and production secrets to help you scale from one order to 700 in a day. These strategies apply to all products and businesses regardless of your field.

You will learn...

  • The high-level strategy of using pricing tiers to multiply your revenue opportunities
  • Time-tested wisdom for how to make more profit and sell more product, including determining what to charge
  • A proven method for choosing your subject matter (i.e., how I get 6 figures in sales)
  • How to gain VIP access to my factory for printing, scanning, and shipping

The Art of Licensing

Sales and Marketing: The Art of Licensing
It’s one thing to make a great image or intellectual property, it’s another to scale it to the world. How do you choose the right deal and negotiate these deals to retailers and distributors? I am going to reveal how I negotiated my art and product deals with major retailers which can bring you recurring revenue.

You will learn...

  • How to use the power of licensing to negotiate and land HUGE deals
  • Effective ways to negotiate the right deals and set up value-based pricing that will maximize your revenue opportunities
  • How to leverage key relationships and collaborate on projects in a way that benefits everyone involved
  • How to raise the tide for your business and multiply your impact (with less effort!)
Productivity: Time, Talent and Treasure (T3)
This tool is what can help you forecast your weeks, months and years in terms of your revenue, time, and assets you create that will pay long-term dividends. This tool is what I use to ensure you achieve the financial goals and outcomes you wish to achieve.

You will learn...

  • How to position your time, talent, & revenue to live a life of significance, not just success
  • How to leverage your vision, mission, and passion for the short-term and long-term
  • How to create something from the resources you have NOW, no matter how great or small they are
  • How to make traction and create opportunity without having to wait on circumstances or other people
Creativity and Painting: The Art School
Join me in the studio to look over my shoulder as I approach actual projects and paintings. Watch as I create these images from concept to completion.

You will learn...

  • Secrets, techniques, and tools that will help you master the art of airbrushing (which I demonstrate ON VIDEO)
  • How to create photo-real expressive art pieces step-by-step (that people will look at and say, “How did you do that?!”)
  • How to develop new, valuable skills that will bring your art to life and unleash your creative imagination
  • How to produce world-class results instead of getting trapped in the terrible habits that sink many airbrush artists (regardless of skill level!)


Sales: Hosting High Ticket VIP Events
I will reveal the secrets you can use to host incredible experiences for your customers that blow their mind, create incredible revenue for you and turn your customers into raging fans and ambassadors.

You will learn...

  • My proven blueprint for designing, coordinating and hosting popular, profitable art events
  • How to spend time creating events that can fuel your business for MONTHS at a time
  • Effective ways to organize your selling process at these events to create a true “experience” for your visitors
  • How to use social media to reach a wider audience (and make the most of EVERY event)
  • How I hosted events that brought in over six figures in one night.