I help entrepreneurs build an eternal legacy using their business as a mission.

What it’s like working with Noah

Every session of TMP felt like you were reading my personal email and speaking life into the place the Holy Spirit had me. I am really going to miss these sessions. I applied myself to the work in TMP with a sense of seriousness and stewardship akin to my studies at Stanford and MIT. The difference: these lessons will pay off both in this life and the hereafter.

TMP Member

I was lost. I was married to my job, and when I started working with Noah, he was able to shift some gears and change some perspectives, and it really allowed me to look at my business for what a business truly should be. … Noah was a big part of taking the overwhelm away… taking me through exercises that took my ‘good business’ and made it a ‘God business.’

Steve Weatherford | NFL Kicker for NY Giants, Speaker, Life Coach,Entrepreneur, Founder of Kings Council Coaching
Elite Coaching

A simple hour with Noah created a lens that changed my next 6+ months. His worldviews permeated into my business, my marketing, and my soul. It was truly a major mile marker in my transformation. I am so thankful I said YES!

Todd T. | Entrepreneur
Vital Signs Customer

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