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Every session of TMP felt like you were reading my personal email and speaking life into the place the Holy Spirit had me. I am really going to miss these sessions. I applied myself to the work in TMP with a sense of seriousness and stewardship akin to my studies at Stanford and MIT. The difference: these lessons will pay off both in this life and the hereafter.

TMPx Member

I was lost. I was married to my job, and when I started working with Noah, he was able to shift some gears and change some perspectives, and it really allowed me to look at my business for what a business truly should be. … Noah was a big part of taking the overwhelm away… taking me through exercises that took my ‘good business’ and made it a ‘God business.’

Steve Weatherford | NFL Kicker for NY Giants, Speaker, Life Coach,Entrepreneur, Founder of Kings Council Coaching
Elite Coaching

It’s been a life-changing experience working with Noah. Noah really gave us the tools we needed and set us on the right course to just blow up and exponentially grow our business. In the first year of working with him, our business grew over 500 percent; the second year, it doubled. It’s just been an invaluable experience.

Scott and Chrysti Burroughs | Former Disney Animator; Former Buyer for Universal; Owners of Art of Scooter
Elite Coaching

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