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T3: Time, talent & treasure

Is a 5-Part Video Series that Will Help You Craft and Fulfill a Meaningful Vision for Your Life and Career
You will learn…
This tool is what can help you forecast your weeks, months and years in terms of your revenue, time, and assets you create that will pay long-term dividends. This tool is what I use to ensure you achieve the financial goals and outcomes you wish to achieve.


As a creative, do you sometimes feel like you’re just trying to keep your head above water? Walk with me through one discipline a day from my newest book “31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives”.
If you’ve ever…
… then this book and challenge is perfect for you.


In this Video course I show you how to clear your heart and mind to make room for peace, love, and compassion for yourself.
You will learn…
#Fearhunters shows you how to stop living spread too thin, exhausted, and afraid of life. I show you how to clear your heart and mind to make room for peace, love, and compassion for yourself. I define the enemy and show you what you’ve been fighting, and how to go on the offense to hunt. Once these tools are in place, we discuss how to steward a meaningful and “significant” life rather than simply a “successful” life.

Kingdom Operating System

Worries about money can push our lives out of balance. Too often, we find ourselves seeking success with no end date, engaged in a rat race of our own making.
You will learn…
Prepare to leave your financial fears behind and embrace a completely new, extremely liberating paradigm!

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The Art of Publishing

An Online Training Course for Maximizing Your Revenue as an Artist
You will learn…
If you want to scale your art, photo or print business, The Art of Publishing course will help you create, publish, manufacture and sell your prints so you can generate more revenue with less effort.


Learn how to host profitable, high-impact VIP events
You will learn…
… and so much more