Try to draw a sketch while sitting on a boat surrounded by a tornado… and you will understand the nausea-inducing experience of attempting to produce your best creative work while managing the dynamics of life. The good news is, you can develop the disciplines (and strong stomach) required to be successful in your personal and professional life as a creative.

31 Disciplines is full of gems from 30 years of artistic triumphs and lessons learned, a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance that you will want to reference again and again.

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People of Faith

Get the strategies you need to harness your creative potential

Discipline is one of the hardest skills for creatives to learn — but once you acquire it, it can unleash your creative potential. This book is filled with proven strategies from Noah’s three decades of experience as a highly successful creative. From his hard-won lessons, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to be truly and consistently effective in your creative work and all the important realms of life.

This book is powerful, easy to read, and easy to implement in your daily life. Take the journey with Noah one day at a time and discover how quickly you can see results from these extraordinary disciplines. You’ll have greater control over your ideas, your energy, and your workload while experiencing greater balance and satisfaction in every area of your life!

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Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

>> The ability to be highly productive while GROWING your creative energy
>> Extreme clarity on what to create next, which will pay dividends into the future
>> Permission to be completely present with your family and invest in them
>> Proven principles that will keep you on track — recharged, pumped up, and productive
>> The ability to prioritize what matters most and ENJOY both your life and work (FINALLY)

… and much more.

If you’re tired of letting your creativity run your life — instead of utilizing it and becoming more successful in every important life realm — this book is for you!

This book is designed for easy implementation of each discipline. You can take them one day at a time for 31 days. While it may take time to implement them completely, you can see results fast. At the end of the month, you’ll be astonished by how much progress you’ve made and how much it’s affecting your life.
Many books promise success but are filled with half-baked ideas or piecemeal tactics. This book is filled with strategies that Noah has put into practice himself over the last 30 years. They are proven disciplines, and they can bear fruitful results in your life in both the short-term and the long-term.
As a highly creative person, you may have tried many different methods and strategies for tapping into your potential and leading a more balanced life. But by nature, creativity tends to rebel against consistency. These disciplines won’t be binding, but rather liberating, allowing your creativity to flow more freely. If you feel like you need more help in implementing them, please check out Noah’s 31 Disciplines Challenge, where you can receive a video each day for 31 days and take this journey with Noah, helping you stick to the program and see better results.

What People are Saying:

My husband and I are reading it and we are thoroughly challenged. The reflection questions are very helpful for aligning us with life principles for success that will make us be able to be fruitful for many years to come. We highly encourage creatives to read it!

Cynthia L.

The 31 disciplines devotional was a game changer in my life. My wife and I went though the book in our morning time right before launching 2 new companies. It gave us the clarity and real life applications to steward our visions. I think what separates Noah’s books from others is the absence of fluff! There is actual tactics to apply that return immediate ROI. Whether you’re a creative or not the principles hold firm. Thank you Noah for giving away so many secrets. As both of our companies are thriving we can look back at everything we learned and applied from you. Thank you for not only writing this book but pioneering the “how tos” in launching and successfully managing real execution.

Justin B.

31 Disciplines should be mandatory reading for every creative, maker, or impact-driven entrepreneur. It’s what you wish your business mentor would have told you about what it takes to leverage your unique genius and creativity to reach your full potential. Noah’s wisdom and candor are perfectly woven together to form an inspiring and practical guide to building a business and life you love.

Erin W.

31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives by Noah Elias



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