Creativity From Sabbath Rest

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Most of us right now are pivoting or panicking with our creativity to find solutions that will solve our current circumstances of uncertainty. A pace of panic can drain your creativity and leave you feeling overwhelmed with too many options, a lack of options, and/or creative block. I wanted to share about the power of operating from rest and a sabbath mindset. This is the creative lifestyle that produces amazing ideas and inspiration that can be tapped into anywhere and anytime.

Watch this full video to hear how I have been pacing and resting my way through this intense season.

Have a great week!

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1 thought on “Creativity From Sabbath Rest”

  1. Veronica @tehila_designs

    Thanks for sharing Noah. This was very uplifting and that silent voice just kept saying this is a word for me.
    I could resonate with quite a few things but I just wanted to say that my faith also plays a very important part around my creativity. I’m not inspired by what other people do or say. When I allowed myself to do away with what I was supposed to have or be, or what others wanted me to do or be, then I began to concentrate more on what I was called to do. I also believe that what I do is not for me but for others who are on their own journey. When I created one of my pieces it was not just around how I felt but around the fact that whatever we go through in life He is always there. Isaiah 43:2. I am so glad that I can rest in Him no matter the circumstances.

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