Don't get stuck in the comparison trap! Life Lessons with Lil'Noah

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Hey there! It’s Lil’Noah here!

Welcome to my BRAND NEW show, Life Lessons with The Kid in Me

My goal is to bring you inspiration and encouragement through creativity.

Today is all about…”The Comparison Trap!

It seems simple enough. You sit down ready to dive into your creativity and after looking at social media and other people’s work, it’s SO easy to begin comparing yourself and your work to theirs.


  • As Lil’ Noah proclaims In truth: You can’t compare yourself to others as your calling is unique to you and only you.
  • In the end, God won’t compare you are your life’s worth to any other person. He made you one of a kind. You’ll be measured by the potential you possessed and the influence you had on others.

Stay focused, stay in your lane, and be yourself. Everyone else is taken!
Be sure to watch the full video to hear some sneak peeks into what I have been working on set to launch in 2022!

In your corner,


P.S. If you missed my special introduction and backstory video, you can catch up by watching that HERE! 

The original drawing of “Comparison Trap” is now available for purchase as well as limited edition canvas wraps and paper prints!

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