Home is Where Life Makes Up Its Mind

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Morning time over coffee has been one of the most important times to come together and discuss the day as a couple.

Each day we all face many challenges as we navigate this journey of life: raising kids, decisions in career, relationships, and dreams we want to achieve. These mornings confirm the importance of how our homes provide safety and rest as we come and go.

 We leave each morning to embark on the adventure of the day only to return to our haven for rest and refilling our cup with those we love. Whether it’s the familiar scents, sounds, or family faces, this is our home base. Stories told over meals, friends around a fire pit, or navigating the challenges that come with school, our house is home base.

I painted this image of Mickey and Minnie to be a wonderful reminder for us to fight for these moments and these mornings. The calendar on the wall reminds us of the importance of time being our most prized possession.

  • How do we get more time with those we love? 
  • How do we fill the calendar with memories? 
  • How do we fill the calendar with dreams we will achieve? 

It is in these quiet moments in the morning that life makes up its mind.

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Have a great week!


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