Is Your Holiday Candle Burning at Both Ends?

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Is Your Holiday Candle Burning at Both Ends?

As we head into the final weeks of this “holiday season,” for most of us, the holidays reveal and bring out the worst in all situations. It can begin to feel like the daily stresses of life have been doubled, even tripled.  Who’s coming over? Where are we going? How much money is in the budget?

Buying gifts can become more of a daunting task than a joyful experience.

Your Christmas then becomes a three-ring circus where the end goal is only to survive long enough to go into a “carb coma” by the end and off to bed only to do it again the next year.

How can you keep from burning the candle at both ends year after year? I’d like to share with you how I handle these moments and I hope it will encourage you to stop, breathe, and reset so you too can have a joyful season with the ones you love.

In your corner,

Noah Elias

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