Creativity: How I Make Every Day Saturday

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Every day like Saturday? Man, that sounds like a pipe dream.

How do you break free from the never-ending hamster wheel of responsibilities and daily obligations to create? Do you even have time to paint, create, and explore new opportunities? Or, when you finally have hours after a long week are you too fried to sit down and be creative?

After 35 years of sowing into my marriage, my children, and building multiple businesses/ministries, I can tell you I know very well the intensity of managing all the spinning plates.

How do you break the cycle of groundhog day and gain newfound space and time to build your dream and life using your creativity and passions?

The fact is, we all have the same amount of hours per week but use them differently. Some of us “Spend” them in front of the screen. Some of us “Waste” them on a device, and some of us “invest” them by designing the dream life that is “preferred”. Do you want to live as a victim of others determining what happens with your hours or are you interested in discovering how to design the creative life that leads to freedom? Don’t live by default.

I am convinced that the life we dream of living takes intention and design.

Watch to learn how I show creatives to achieve their dream life…

I’m in your corner,


Have a great week!

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