The 3 Most Valuable Things That an Art School Didn't Teach Me

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The 3 Most Valuable Things That an Art School Didn’t Teach Me…

Passion– I find it interesting that grade 1-12 asks all people to fit one model.  I never had a class that helped define my passion for what lit me up. What I needed was someone to charge my battery not drain it. My goal with mentoring and coaching is to help individuals arrive at their sweet spot as soon as possible. I believe there is a revolution of individuals that have locked dreams, passions, and building their own company or idea in their heart. I believe the world is waiting for those people to tell their stories. The challenge is, no one is showing.

How to be your own Brand– We live in a culture that advertises: “Get plugged into the education system…Work on an assembly line…Work for a company for 30 years of your life and retire…Gather all you can and then survive retirement…” They advertise dreams as hobbies. I’m proposing that we shift the paradigm.

What if you graduate high school already building your dream. And, what if the driver for the dream wasn’t money. Most kids get a degree in something they think will make great money but there’s no heart in it because it isn’t their dream. I started my own business while in high school. I wish education bred dreamers and bred vision. What if school was the shaping of your dream becoming reality rather than something kids dread? Now I know why I never fit. The sooner we as humans realize we are uniquely designed with specific gifts and specialties the sooner we can move into our true identity.

How Much Relationships Matter- Whether you want to accept it or not, when you reach adulthood you will come face to face with the reality of the world and the people in it. Especially in the marketplace of career. The most valuable thing I learned is the value of relationships and the art of people. Learning that what matters most is connecting with people, their hearts, and sharing in an experience. There’s way more to life than making something “cool” and “striving after riches”.

I created my ELITE Coaching & Mentoring program as a way to help individuals live their dream and live in the sweet spot of their passion all while making money.
There has never been a better time or better technology than now to get your unique story heard.

How much did school teach you how to be your own boss, business and live your unique dream?

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2 thoughts on “The 3 Most Valuable Things That an Art School Didn't Teach Me”

  1. Hey there Noah! Absolutely loved this, I really appreciate you being here helping out so many young creatives! I’d love to try and make it out with my own brand as an artist, so any support will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Noah, Great video and article! I would like to learn more about your program. I’m an “old creative” that needs to reignite the passion I once had for my art. After 36 years of being in marketing and advertising, I’m beat up and burned out. Not to be selfish, but I’m tired of making other people’s dreams a reality and simply want to work on realizing some of my own. I miss the joy of creating.

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