The Cost of Not Using Your Creative Dreams

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How do you measure your success and fruit in your life?

Is your creativity having a Kingdom impact?

Have the dreams and vision for your life plateaued?

Culture advertises a worldview of using dreams and creativity to achieve a life of leisure, comfort, and predictability. What about beyond this life?

We spend too much time worrying about the now, but not about what lies ahead of us at the judgment seat of Christ and what life will be like 1,00o years from now. When we think of creativity and dreams, we think of it being endless and without boundaries, and rarely stop to consider how we can creatively design this life instead of living by default.

What would life look like if you and God keep dreaming up new initiatives, new horizons, and new dreams? God is always creating, and as his child, you are made in His image as a creator. You and I have been entrusted with influence, resources, and creativity to be used to grow God’s Kingdom. The question is, “Have we settled for the dreams of yesterday and deferred the dreams of tomorrow?”

In this episode, I will be discussing Your Creativity, Faithfulness, and Fruitfulness, and how you can differentiate and imply design vs. default on your creativity and dreams.

In your corner,

Noah Elias

Have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “The Cost of Not Using Your Creative Dreams”

  1. Hi Noah, what an incredible message of encouragement and inspiration. So much of what you shared that stood out for me was when you said, “ what do we do with the God given talent and the creativity? How leaning into risk and danger can be a good thing, and how we should not settle for less in our creative abilities and not laying off the throttle.
    I’ve been an artist my whole life and I’ve always felt it was a gift from God and definitely going to use these talents for good. Thank you! For your leadership!

  2. Thanks! Hit me right where I’m at today. “If you are not leaning into risk and danger, you are not living a life of faith.” I know I need to get out more and take risks to share what God has given me and help others using my talents. I appreciated this encouragement today. Thanks, Noah!

  3. Valerie i Vanorden

    Hi Noah…first time listening to your vlog.
    I listen also to Terri Savelle Foy. Yes our assetts are fluid. liquid assetts. Availability. The prophet
    Jeremiah was faithful. He opposed a lot of false prophets.

    I am an artist-calligrapher. I do Spencerian script. We laminate placemats of my scripture & hymns & sell at Farmers mkts. I also paint signs.

    I am dreaming of acreage and nurturing animals. My husband is a hard worker. We presently have 11 chickens. 3 dogs and 3 cats. I’m 66, Paul is 72.

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