Your Plans or God's Plans?

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There are just three days left in 2022!

This is the week where we all start pondering and thinking back on all that took place this year and begin to wonder what next year will look like. Do you find excitement thinking about these things or do you feel overwhelmed with dread and fear? I’ve been there….many times.

When you’re in the process of building a family, home, life, and business while trying to go after what makes your heart come alive and keep all things moving we carry this idea and weight that “I gotta make things happen!”

That my friend is a super heavy and super hard way to live.

We can plan, strategize, and whiteboard all day long. As the new year is upon us, I’d like to share with you my go-to for planning while allowing Him to lead my steps in the process. My hope is that you find encouragement in this and it gives you hope and excitement for the great things ahead of you in the new year!

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Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

Noah Elias

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