Creativity and Patience

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Today I want to talk about creativity and patience.

Patience is often something creatives struggle with. It means we have to wait and waiting is one of the hardest things to do in a business.

I want to share a few points that are going to help you if you feel like you are in a mode of transition with your creativity or maybe you just don’t feel like there is much going on and you’re asking yourself, “What am I supposed to do while I’m sitting here?” This can be the most frustrating part of being a business owner or creative entrepreneur. I’m going to unpack some simple steps and go-to strategies I use to get me through these in-between moments and times…And believe me, these moments of feeling “stuck in the waiting” happens to us all.

Watch this short video to hear how I make the most of those in-between moments of downtime.

Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Creativity and Patience”

  1. May God just keep your path full of blessings Noah.
    I’ve been stuck feels like non of it is going where I want and not getting enough of the lord. I woke and this was first thing I listened to. I love how you speak free and gods word ties into it , or that your message reminds you of the foundation that the lord has created for you
    I needed to hear it and it’s awesome it came from you.
    Have a blessed day

  2. Such amazing insight her Noah. I’m in a transition of waiting on my next assignment as you mentioned. But I also resonate with what you said about the premature “yes” or striving. I post a client in January – not for any fault of my own. But I believe the Lord was gracious in pulling me out because He told me “no” but becausenI was afraid of not being able to provide for my family MORE TRUTHFULLY – trusting Him yo provide for us – I took the job. 3 months later I got a termination letter and request for a refund of a prepayment on a project!

    I’ve spent the last three months working on my messaging, organizing, cleaning up my files (like you said – it’s my go to also). I’ve beeen attending networking events for Christian business leaders and I’m seeing glimpses of a redemption through the waiting.

    In 2015 my wife as I released an album called “in the meantime”. In the title track the chorus says
    In the meantime you are holding us
    You are leading us from glory to glory
    in the meantime you are calling us
    You are teaching us your are teaching us

    I love this reminder today that while we are waiting and being faithful with what he has given us he is truly calling us higher to his agenda, teaching us trust, faithfulness, patience… and never leaving us alone – but always leading us from glory to glory.

    Blessings bro! Appreciate you as always!

  3. Thank you, much of what you said, resonated with me, and spoke right to my heart!
    I’m not even sure if I am an artist, or even if my work would sell?
    But I will wait on him and not make it happen , But I will wait on him and not make it happen, and stay in his Word , thank you again!

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